With today’s historically low interest rates it only makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity, so how can the Bank help? They may not be giving you the best rate, they may just want you to continue with your mortgage without offering a better rate.

SECURELEND can help, one of our agents will search and find you the best rate available from one of our over 50 Lenders across Canada.

Why Refinance?

  • Home Renovations
  • Investments
  • Buying a new Business
  • Expanding rental property portfolio
  • Cottage purchase
Current Mortgage
Refinance Mortgage
Home Worth $400,000
Home Worth $400,000
Current Interest Rate 5.0%
Current Interest Rate 2.75%
Current Payment $1,500
Current Payment $1,020
Car Payment @ 10% interest
Car Payment @ 2.75% interest
Credit Card @ 17% interest
Credit Card @ 2.75% interest
Store Cards @ 28% interest
Store Cards @ 2.75% interest
$200,000 Mortgage $1,500/month
$250,000 Mortgage $1,020/month
$25,000 Loan Payment $500/month
$25,000 Mortgage Paid
$25,000 Credit Cards $750/month
$25,000 Credit Cards Paid
Total $2,750/month
Total $2,020/month
You Save $1,730/month!!!